Ideas into
a Better World


Ideas into
a Better World

We are built upon two major challenges

Support exceptional entrepreneurs
as they need and deserve

Truly align interests with our investors
delivering exceptional return rates

What we believe

At Shift, our primary goal is to support exceptional entrepreneurs who face and address relevant issues through technology, tech-enabled or real economy businesses. Together with its network of investors and entrepreneurs, SHIFT provides strategic and operational support to its companies, aiming to create long term market leaders.

We believe that even great founders need support and that creating market leaders is not an easy task. That's why we prefer to invest in a few companies and focus our energy to achieve sustainable success.

Through our activities, we seek to leverage businesses that address important social challenges.

Empowering entrepreneurs
is our principle

Shift team

Bernardo Garcia
João Paulo Maia
Fernando Jamra
Paulo Nabhan


4055, Brigadeiro Faria Lima Av.

Helbor Lead Offices Faria Lima - Cj. 804

ZIP 04538-133 | São Paulo/SP

PHONE +55 (11) 2893-6463



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