The only constant
is change.

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The real and the digital
economies are becoming
one in the same

The digital economy is disrupting the way we live, move, consume, relate and work. The digitalization of critical processes and the use of high volumes of data are enablers for the creation of a new generation of companies in traditional industries: Insurance, Education, Healthcare, Real Estate, Finance, Retail and others. Similarly, digital companies can make great use of offline resources to complement user experience and value proposition. At Shift, we believe that emerging markets are at the perfect timing for the development of successful companies making use of hybrid business models.

Right place at the
right time

Interesting times have arrived in Brazil. The growing population with internet access and the digitalization of consumption habits in its high-density cities, added to good economical prospects, are reasons for great optimism. On top of that, there is a strong wave of experienced entrepreneurs and sponsors building great visions in this maturing environment. We see Brazil as the premiere platform for launching successful businesses into the very promising Latam, home to 600 million people.


There is one thing all Brazilians agree: it is awfully hard to do business here. On the other hand, there is plenty of huge opportunities given that traditional companies are leaving many gaps for new players. Our philosophy is to value founders' execution capabilities and leverage that with our in-house resources. The way to do that is dedicating great efforts to our founders' success and having a more concentrated portfolio.

Capital concentration,
done with caution,
is driver of returns

At Shift, we invest in companies that have the potential of generating outstanding returns and concentrate capital in the most prominent runners, based on their own fundamentals. These companies will potentially generate huge investment returns and reshape their entire industries. Concentration drives discipline. Concentration enables focus. Discipline and focus drive returns.

Engaged investors
and sponsors enhance
the perspectives

As we see it, high-growth startups can make great use of experienced and influent investors know-how. We see Shift as an ecosystem and try to engage our LP's through the whole process, from analysis to portfolio support. We welcome co-investment with other complementary VCs and sponsors and have been successful in collaborating.

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